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At Great Himalaya Elevator we understand that time is money. Lifts have a key role to play in ensuring the smooth, efficient, cost-effective and safe flow of people into and out of a building and from floor to floor. With this in mind we have developed a product range designed for comfortable, reliable, quiet and energy efficient operation.

When it comes to moving people safely and reliably, your needs are our top priority. We're dedicated to exceeding the expectations of each and every customer. We appreciate that your continued satisfaction is the essential ingredient in our ongoing success.

Our products can meet the most rigorous requirement in any application. We understand the need and demand placed on a lift which is why our products are designed and manufactured to last.

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Automobile Elevator.

Car lifts operates in the same way as a normal passenger lifts, however instead of transporting only you, a car lift transports you and your car to your designated floor in a multi storey car park. The operation of accessing the lift can be carried out by a standard call station system or by utilising the latest call button technology. A car lift is installed where ramps are considered space-in conservative for smaller buildings. The car platforms are raised and lowered in the similar fashion as freight elevator except for the fact that size and load carrying capacity of Lift platform is in accordance with the dimensions & weight of largest vehicle to be transported between floors. Great Himalaya offers all types of vehicle elevator from 1500 kg for smaller cars to 5000 kg for bigger cars like SUVs and tempos. Over a period of time Great Himalaya has specialized the concept of vertical transportation of material through its innovative techniques and designs.

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Passenger Elevator > MRL Elevator > Home Elevators > Automobile > Goods Elevator > Dumbwaiter Elevator