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At Great Himalaya Elevator we understand that time is money. Lifts have a key role to play in ensuring the smooth, efficient, cost-effective and safe flow of people into and out of a building and from floor to floor. With this in mind we have developed a product range designed for comfortable, reliable, quiet and energy efficient operation.

When it comes to moving people safely and reliably, your needs are our top priority. We're dedicated to exceeding the expectations of each and every customer. We appreciate that your continued satisfaction is the essential ingredient in our ongoing success.

Our products can meet the most rigorous requirement in any application. We understand the need and demand placed on a lift which is why our products are designed and manufactured to last.

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Goods Elevator

As our need for vertical living space increases so does or need for vertical material flow. India has thousands of factories, stores, warehouses, hospitals, storage facilities, condominium (garbage lifts) that may require vertical transportation of material between two or more fixed levels. Great Himalaya Elevator is committed to providing safe, rugged and reliable lift equipment. We at Great Himalaya have various models of Goods elevators to choose from wide variety of capacities and sizes and always attempt to customize our product according to customer's requirement. Today for all modern industries it has become imperative to have an efficient material handling system which would directly cut down the overall cost (labour cost, standing inventory, storage cost). Therefore benefits of having installed a freight elevator far exceeds the initial cost incurred there upon. Our Goods Lifts are designed and developed by highly qualified engineers and personnel who have complete knowledge of the latest industry requirements.

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Passenger Elevator > MRL Elevator > Home Elevators > Automobile > Goods Elevator > Dumbwaiter Elevator