Repair & modernisation

The Heart of Your Building is Your Lift

In the last 20 years, lifts have evolved rapidly. Older lifts cannot match the reliability of the smooth, quiet and energy efficient modern lifts.

Your vertical transport is the heart of your building, and when the tenants and owners start talking about the performance of the lifts, this is a signal it may be time to modernize.

Great Himalaya Elevator have customised modular modernisation solutions that allow you to upgrade your lift in stages, as time and cash flow allows.

You may be surprised at how cost effective and Great Himalaya Modernisation can be. Some modernizations can be amortised into the cost of your service contract over the longer term.

What makes us different?

Welcome to Great Himalaya Elevators for Lift Maintenance

The Right People

Our front line is made up of technically qualified managers, not commission motivated sales people. Our staff retention is way above the industry average and our customers benefit from continuity, better service and a knowledge based approach.

Top-level involvement

We ensure that all our clients have direct access to a Great Himalaya Elevators Top management to ensure high level commitment and service consistency.

With vast cover, servicing clients across the Maharashtra, we’ve achieved consistent growth through a commitment to our core business values - technological innovation, excellence, reliability and outstanding customer service. We use our experience and expertise in the lift industry to provide our customers with the highest quality service and provide outstanding 24-hour emergency cover, 365 days a year. The wealth of knowledge acquired from over a period of time has enabled us to be a leading independent lift company.