Service and maintenance

Welcome to Great Himalaya Elevators for Lift Maintenance

Great Himalaya Elevators is an independent lift maintenance company offering full service and maintenance support to building owners and management agencies in the public and private sectors.

We are a dynamic customer focused organisation, with a proactive approach to modern lift maintenance procedures.

As an independent lift maintenance company we have the capability, expertise and freedom to maintain all makes and models of lift. All of our engineering personnel carry a wide range of components and we endeavour to rectify all faults during our first visit. This ensures that both lift downtime and costs are minimised.

You'll find that Great Himalaya Elevators' approach to lift maintenance will not only ensure that your lifts run smoothly, but also that they become more reliable through our commitment to proactive preventative maintenance.

We have a range of lift maintenance agreements, specifically designed to each installation.

Great Himalaya Elevators offers a variety of lift maintenance packages that provides regular servicing by experienced and fully trained engineers that will ensure virtually trouble free operation.

Our entire workforce is dedicated to continual training in all aspects of lift maintenance and installation. A continuous path to recognised formal achievements ensures that the future of our business is available to all of our clients.

So whether you're interested in lift maintenance or the installation of a new lift, why not give us a call to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.

What makes us different?

Welcome to Great Himalaya Elevators for Lift Maintenance

The Right People

Our front line is made up of technically qualified managers, not commission motivated sales people. Our staff retention is way above the industry average and our customers benefit from continuity, better service and a knowledge based approach.

Top-level involvement

We ensure that all our clients have direct access to a Great Himalaya Elevators Top management to ensure high level commitment and service consistency.

With vast cover, servicing clients across the Maharashtra, we’ve achieved consistent growth through a commitment to our core business values - technological innovation, excellence, reliability and outstanding customer service. We use our experience and expertise in the lift industry to provide our customers with the highest quality service and provide outstanding 24-hour emergency cover, 365 days a year. The wealth of knowledge acquired from over a period of time has enabled us to be a leading independent lift company.